My Reflection at Topic 1 #ONL


Map inspirated by White, D. & Le Cornu, A. (2011)

I have never been interested in teknology it self, but in the possibility to create and organize things. When I was a young girl I could make paperposters, my own magazines and a register over all my books. I beleve it’s here my digital journey begins.

Now I do posters, magazines and registers, but with the computer – and today it’s easy to share and publish. I consider myself rather digital literate. As well what conserns living, learning and working.  But can you be digital literat whitout beeing social? I can handle small technical problems, I can manage different digital tools, I can search and find information at the web and review the information. My weakest part of digital literacy is to use the social part of social media.

Social media not my cup of tea

The last years I’ve learned about my self that I’m not god in making ‘likes’ and comments. I have tried out social media tools becourse I want to know what it is, becourse it belongs to my job. But after a while I loose my interest in the social part. It make me feel stressed. In the rich flow of posts felt expectations to like and comment. I’m not the one who check my smartphone all the time and stop up to do ‘likes’ and comments. And when I sit by the computer always have other things I want to do and create.

My digital personal and professional life

This has resulted in that i unfollowed everybody exept my close family. Maybee it’s mirroring who I am in real life. I can bee social but I also have some integrety and a introvert side. It’s easier to engage in social media as the professional me, than the personal me – if it’ not my family. I seldom express my opinions on the web. But i have no problem to write objective about subjects or about teachers who do a good pedagogical work. That makes my digital personal life separated and not public för anyone.

Expose myself for e-learning

After a few years working with other pedagogicalprojekts I’m back as a ICT-educater. I joined ONL becourse I want to catch up whats going on in the digital world. For me ONL menas that I want to expose myself for e-learning. My new kontext as a ICT-educater is about e-learning.

Charlotte Ch



White, D. & Le Cornu, A. (2011) Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement. First Monday, 16(9).


3 reaktioner på ”My Reflection at Topic 1 #ONL

  1. Thanks for sharing your post. I think it is interesting that you find social media overwhelming as an introverted person. I am the opposite! I find ‘real life’ social interaction quite overwhelming and I am very introverted, but get me online where most communication is via text and asynchronous, and I feel empowered! Perhaps it is the ‘gap’ that asynchronous communication creates – between the question and the response. While face to face makes me feel like I need to have an immediate answer, online and in written text I can think about what I want to say and craft it more effectively.

    So fascinating the way social media and digital identity is different for everyone :). Thank you for making me think hard about this!


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