My reflection on Topic 5 #ONL171

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Gain experience of online learning

My purpose to participate in the course and in a PBL-group was to gain experience of online learning. This because the college I recently started work at, is using online learning. From before I had experiences from synchrounous  webmeetings and asynchrounous collaboration in different webtools. But not from e-learning in its entirety. I learned that we can make a better use of the advantages of synchronous communication and the advantages of asynchronous communication.

Educational ideas about e-learning

I also wanted to know the educational ideas in e-learning. I must say, what I have gained insight into, is over my expectations. For me it’s not new with different and varying learning activities, formative assessment and collaboration (Cooperative Learning), partly together with ICT-tools. But my experiences is from the classroom in primary school and high school. It made me very happy that Vygotskijs thougts about learning also influence online learning. It has inspired strengthened me further in my mission to support the teachers how to develop the e-learning at our college.

Language barriers

The most significant experience was the language barriers. I knew it could be a  issue, but I did´t expect it to be such a big barrier.  I’m 55 years old, but sometimes I felt like 15. Everyday language about casual things in english is no problem. And pedagogical disussions in swedish is no problem. But pedagogical critical discussions in english became a big barrier. Or long discussions where the topic surged back and forth. My brain processor was not enough for analysing the meaning of all words and at the same time do my own inferences. 

Usually I’m not afraid to ask questions if there is something that is unclear to me. Mostly my strategy was to listen, hoping that I would understand by context. It was not always helping. I wish I had been able to participate better in the discussions. Now I have a clear sense of what it’s like to be an immigrant in a country where you do not know the language completely. Hopefully, I have developed my academic English language. 

Interesting reading

It has been interesting texts to read. I used to read a lot of pedagogical books, articles and thesis. But I have not read so much in english. But because the texts were so interesting, I put a lot of effort in the reading. I have made underlinings and notes wich I have translated  to realy understand. I struggled to find the Swedish pedagogical meanings of English  pedagogical concepts and words. And of course it took time and it was not enough time to read everything.

Last but not least …

… it has been fantastic learning to know the other participants in PBL-group 6! It has been exiting and thrilling to discuss with other people from all ower the world. I feel that we  developed our collaboration. Of course it’s becuse we learned to know each other better. I would be nice to have continuing exchange.

Charlotte Ch




5 reaktioner på ”My reflection on Topic 5 #ONL171

  1. Congratulations that you made it all the way despite the language barrier. I know the feeling since I remember struggling with Swedish many years ago. You just have to put yourself to the test and you will always learn. I think everyone should put themselves to such a test to understand what it’s like to be a ”foreigner” and not understand everything.


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  3. I have immense respect for speakers of second, third languages such as all of you! Growing up in Australia there is far less opportunity/encouragement to learn another language, as it is an English-speaking society that connects most strongly with other English speaking countries such as the United States and the UK. We have the opportunity to learn a language at school, however this is usually only a weekly lesson until secondary school, when the pressure to choose other subjects that will lead to University entry is strong.

    Being part of this course and reflecting on your blog post has helped me to realise how cultural context and language plays a huge part in learning. We here in Australia have quite a limited world view. Although we are geographically located within Asia/Oceania, we receive most of our information from the United States. It is wonderful to have an insight into how people in other countries experience learning. It is also interesting to see that while we may differ in many ways, a lot of key principles when it comes to learning and pedagogy remain the same. The centrality of relationships and engagement are shared no matter where we come from, and no matter what our age!

    Thank you for being part of PBL6; all the very best :).


  4. Charlotte, I really like your reflections about what you have learned and your struggles. I also like your photos a lot. You are contributing so much to our group, I learn a lot from you!



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